Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division)

Directorate General of Petroleum Concession

Directorate General of Petroleum Concessions is one of the Directorates of the  Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) functioning as the Regulatory authority for all Upstream Exploration & Production activities in Pakistan. The functions of the Directorate include:


  • Grant of petroleum rights i.e. Reconnaissance permits, Exploration licenses, development and production leases;
  • Facilitation of Exploration & Production and Services Companies/activities
  • Oil and Gas fiscal regimes analysis and recommend by adequate policies keeping in view of international practices;
  • Promotion of petroleum exploration, negotiations with foreign and local petroleum exploration companies including petroleum concessions/production sharing agreements under the Petroleum Policy and the Pakistan Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Rules, 2001 & 2003
  • Management of Petroleum exploration, development and production operations in accordance with the good international oil field practices, applicable rules and Petroleum Concession.
  • Ensuring realization of the Government receipts (dividend, royalty, rents, application fees etc.) and compilation of investment data and Management and scale of technical data.
                                Model Petroleum Concession Agreement (2017)