About Us


Petroleum & Natural Resources Division was created in April 1977. Prior to that Petroleum and Natural Resources was part of the Ministry of Fuel, Power and Natural Resources.

Mission Statement

To ensure availability and security of sustainable supply of oil and gas for economic development and strategic requirements of Pakistan and to coordinate development of natural resources of energy and minerals.

Strategy to Achieve Mission

Adopt an integrated approach for promoting exploration and fast track development of oil, gas and mineral resources. Deregulate, liberalize and privatize oil, gas and mineral sector through structured reforms. Attract mineral sectors. Develop technical professional human resources. Optimize existing energy delivery infrastructure i.e. oil and gas pipelines.

Reduce imported fuel oil consumption with indigenous gas by optimally balancing the gas availability and supplies from local and imported resources.

Functions of the Petroleum Division

The Petroleum Division is responsible for dealing with all matter relating to petroleum, gas and mineral mineral affairs. Its detailed functions are as under:-



  • Policy, legislation, planning regarding exploration, development and productions Policy guidelines to regulatory bodies in oil and gas sectors.
  • Policy guidelines and facilitation of import, export, refining, distribution, marketing, transportation and pricing of all kinds of petroleum and petroleum products;
  • Matters bearing on international aspects;
  • Federal agencies and institutions for promotion of special studies and development programmes.
  • Facilitate the development of petroleum and mineral sectors.
  • Attract the private investment.


  •  Geological Surveys.


  • Administration of Regulation of Mines and oil fields and Mineral Development (Federal Control) Act, 1948, and rules made there under, in so far as the same relate to exploration and production of petroleum, transmission, distribution of natural gas, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas and liquefied petroleum gas, refining and marketing of oil;
  • Petroleum concessions agreements for land, off-shore and deep sea areas;
  • Facilitation of import of machinery equipment etc. for exploration and development of petroleum and minerals.


  • Administration of Marketing of Petroleum Products (Federal Control) Act 1974 and the rules made there-under;
  • Matters relating to Federal investments and undertakings wholly or partly owned by the Government in the field of oil, gas and minerals.

Administration of:-


  • The Petroleum Products (Development Surcharges) Ordinance, 1961, and the rules made there-under;
  • The Natural Gas (Development Surcharges) Ordinance 1967, and the rules made there-under.


  • Coordination of energy and mineral policies.
  • Research, development, deployment and demonstration of hydrocarbon energy resources.
  • Secretariat of Mineral Policy Committee.