International Joint Venture Wing

This wing comprises of one Joint Secretary, two Deputy Secretaries and four Section Officers along with complementary staff.

International Joint Venture Wing is responsible for all matters other than administration relating to Directorate Generals, GSP, OGDCL, SNGPL, SSGCL, HDIP, PARCO and PSO. Oil & gas infrastructure Processing / approval and monitoring of development schemes. Foreign Aid / Loan and coordination with World Bank, ADB, CIDA, IDB, JICA. Joint Ministerial Commissions, ECO & bilateral relations. Preparation of Development Budget (PSDP), Long Term plans, Economic Survey & Budget Speech. All policy matters, ECNEC, ECC, CCOI, CCOP, Cabinet and implementation of decisions. Foreign investment, privatization, import of natural gas projects.

 Deputy Secretary (Dev-1)

The following sections will report through DS (Dev-1).

Section Officer (Dev-1)

  • Matters relating to International Organizations (ECOSOC/ESCAPO/WTO/SAARC etc)
  • Studies on oil & gas through funds/grants from World Bank, ADB etc, and its processing, monitoring and coordination.
  • Bilateral matters including ECO, Joint Ministerial Commisions (JMCs) Joint Economic Commision (JECs) and Joint Government Commisions (JGCs) etc.
  • Energy Conversation, Environment, Science and Technology.
  • Privatization matters.

Section Officer (Dev-IV)

  • Loans and Grant of multilateral agencies (IB RD/JEXIM/ADB/IFC etc) for all organizations of Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division)
  • Development Matters/Processing of all projects (approvals) through DDWP, CDWP, ECNEC, ECC/CCE and follow up.
  • PSDP, Annual Detailed and Long Term Plans
  • Monitoring of PSDP Projects.
  • Energy Review Group (ERG) decisions and follow up.
  • Minerals (Technical Matters).
  • Matters relating to SNGPL, SSGCL, ISGSL, and HDIP.
  • Matters relating to Friends of Democratic Pakistan.
  • Matters relating to US Strategic Dialogue.
  • All matters pertaininig to PAC and DAC.Moreover for all such matters the officer will report to DS (CA).

Deputy Secretary (Dev-II)

The following sections will report through DS (Dev-II)

Section Officer (Dev-II)

  • ECC summaries, Decisions and follow up of implementation.
  • Cabinet meetings and follow up of implementation.
  • Foreign Investments/BOI/MOUs in public and private sectors, BOI and Ministry of P&NR organizations.
  • Conferences/Seminars (Except ECO meetings) within and outside the country.
  • Summaries and briefs for Minister, Prime Minister and President.
  • Appointment of foreign delegation, CEOs of oil, gas etc with Prime Minister and President and related briefs.
  • Matters relating to PSO, PARCO.
  • China related matters
  • National Trade Corridor Programme matters.
  • Matters reffered by Energy Development Board.
  • Board Meetings Mari Gas and ATPL

Section Officer (Dev-III)

  • OGDCL all matters including financing of Projects and Board meetings.
  • Petroleum Policy issues related to implementation and coordination.
  • Oil & Gas Import Project including gas pipeline from Qatar, Iran and Turkmanestan and oil pipeline from Central Asia.
  • Downstrream  Infrastructure (including new refineries, pipelines, storages)
  • Matters relating to Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme (BESOS)
  • Energy Charter Treaty Matters.